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study tripsTogether with the coach to the destination. The participants of school trips and study trips often challenge this shared experience for a long time. Exploring foreign places in the group, getting to know each other better and seeing the world - that is very exciting and exciting. Lifelong friendships often form on such trips. The bus trip is a great way to travel together. Renting a bus and going as a group is a fascinating experience. For many of our guests, the school bus trip is the first of many positive subsequent experiences of this kind.

Study trips are an unforgettable experience

Before every departure the planning is on. Often historical areas or places of scientific importance are planned for study trips. Here, the learning content should be deepened in practical form. After you have defined these learning contents and objectives of the study trip, the AGT bus rental company takes over the planning of the travel logistics, because this is our focus and our expertise.

In addition to the practical learning, especially the social connections are deepened. To prove yourself as a group in a foreign environment is a community and provides many unforgettable experiences. The classmates and lecturers also get to know each other in a more personal way than in the university. Unlike the individual tours ours offer Coach trips for students and above all one thing - a very special experience in the group. As a bus operator, where you can rent your bus for a study trip, we look forward to becoming part of that memory and promising an unforgettable trip.

High safety standards are guaranteed

We know from countless conversations with our guests that the safety on the bus trip is often a concern that employs travelers. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the Reisebus statistically the safest means of transport on our roads. But we as a company do not want to rest on this statistic. For this reason, we are very attentive and only use vehicles that meet our high safety standards. Of course, we comply with all legal requirements for passenger transport and thus ensure the safety of our passengers. In addition to safety, you can also expect to be comfortable on your study trip by our trained bus drivers to be transported.

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Traveling by bus - inexpensive and convenient

We pick you up at the agreed place and bring you there again. At the destination we bring you to the hotel, your hostel or whatever accommodation you have chosen. Wide, comfortable upholstery and always enough legroom are the virtues of modern travel on our buses.

Class and study trips usually do not have a large budget. Experience shows that young study travelers do not have an unlimited portfolio available. Distribute the Costs On many heads, the journey becomes economical and affordable. For groups from 20 persons we create interesting offers that are cost-effective and ensure a comfortable bus journey.

We offer extensive advice

For many students, the study trip by bus is the first time that they travel without their parents. School trips, such. B. after HamburgOf course, we also offer for minors, for whom the bus ride is often an exciting thing.

The participants can expect a varied program at the destination. Learning and having fun is what a study trip ideally looks like. So much the better, if those who have stayed at home can rest assured that their loved ones will come safely to our destination and back home with our buses. Just ask us if you have the desire comfortable and cost effective To rent buses, For an extensive and professional consultation, you can reach us under the free 0800 22 43 487 hotline.

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We AGT can cover every area in Europe through a large network of bus partners. You need a bus in a remote location? No problem, send us an inquiry.

You have wishes regarding the bus or the equipment? We are happy to deal with your wishes. Other extras we can organize for your trip, such as catering, drinks, guides and tickets for theaters or theme parks. Contact us.

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