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Why do the guests come for a special trip?

Wedding coach

The own wedding is the most beautiful experience in the life of a bridal couple. Much is to be considered in the wedding planning: In addition to the appropriate wedding location, the wedding dress and the rings and the convenient arrival for the wedding guests is important. Many guests live in the area, while others take a long way. Organize your own bus ride to your wedding so that all guests arrive safely and relaxed.

A bus rental for a wedding party is especially useful if several guests live nearby or can be collected along the way. Both the route and the number of people can be determined individually. Simply call us and let our competent bus experts advise you.


How is the bus trip?

Friends and relatives from all over the country come together for a wedding and often take long stretches. One of the newest wedding trends is renting a wedding bus. The advantages are obvious: The guests are picked up in the desired locations and can easily get to the wedding. You do not have to make an effort to organize a train or plane ticket or a ride.

The luggage is stowed easily. Guests can even pack their suit or evening dress crease-free. Especially at wedding parties, which consist of different families or friends circles, such a ride is very entertaining. The neighbors quickly get into conversation and can look forward together to the upcoming wedding celebration. The relaxed mood then transfers to the wedding party.

For the ride with the Reisebus determine the time and the start and the finish with any stopovers to take along other guests on the way. When planning your wedding, you should include any delays, such as small breaks or traffic jams. Our service staff will make you aware of this when booking your wedding bus and will help you determine the ideal departure time. Upon request, we bring your wedding guests home after the celebration or the next day.

Early booking

Similar to booking the wedding location, early booking of the wedding bus is ideal to avoid scheduling conflicts. If you have already chosen a wedding date, it is advisable to contact our staff as soon as possible. Incidentally, the wedding bus can not only be booked by the bride and groom, but also by groomsmen, bridal parents and more. The bride and groom will surely remember this beautiful surprise forever.

For a large number of travelers it is advisable, instead of a large one bus with z. B. 45 seats, two small buses to rent. This allows the control of two different directions and departures at different times.

Rent a coach

From the wedding to the wedding location

Not only for the arrival of the guests is a wedding bus, but also for the drive from the wedding to the wedding location. Because not always both places are within walking distance. Of course, you as a bride and groom take a seat in the first rows and can already toast to your wonderful wedding day in the bus. A highlight for all your wedding guests is a small city tour by coach. You can access special places that are important to you. That may be z. For example, be the place where you met, kissed for the first time, or got your marriage proposal. Take your wedding photographer with you and make a nice souvenir photo alone or with the whole wedding party.

Would you like to marry in the style of the 1950er years? No problem, we are happy to provide you with our vintage buses from the years 1945-1975. The buses are in the best condition and have 8 to 45 seats. With this wedding bus, you can make a splash on your wedding with your guests and in city traffic. You want to know more about it? Visit our page of Rarities, We gladly put all these and many more wishes to your complete satisfaction so that you and your guests have a wonderful bus trip and wedding party.

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Our contract partners are represented throughout Germany and Europe. This allows us to rent one or more buses in your city.

We calculate the prices individually according to your wishes. Factors such as season, group size and distance play a role here.

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