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You are planning an event and are looking for a bus provider to help you with the organization or design of the vehicles?

Bus organizationThe AGT Busvermietung & Touristik GmbH is the right decision. We introduce you one or more buses and offer you a service that is available around the clock. Furthermore, a planning and organization at a high level which is why we offer this in addition to any bus rental. Especially for large customers and events with a high number of people.

With a high number of guests and many buses, the safety of arrival and travel is important. The risk is a too small bus parking lot and too many buses. This only becomes apparent when several hours pass by on arrival or departure until all buses leave in good time. A traffic jam occurs and the buses get stuck. An expert from the bus industry recognizes this risk better and the experts are the AGT bus rental and that since 90 years.

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At AGT Busvermietung & Touristik GmbH you can rent high-quality limousines and buses with a chauffeur at a reasonable price. Furthermore, a nationwide organization can be carried out through a large network of bus partners!

Our many years of expertise in the field of passenger transport makes us a reliable partner of many large companies, agencies, clubs and organizers. Convince yourself of our performed projects.

Under bus organization is meant a smooth departure of your guests as well as a safe and comfortable arrival to your destination. If you are planning with large numbers of guests, a concept is organized in advance for you in every detail with regard to the bus. A risk analysis and a smooth process of passenger transport are guaranteed.

Before driving, our teams plan the routes, departures, suitable stops and the briefing of the crew. In addition, you have the opportunity to put your event in our hands. From Hostess Service or a Busbranding for the special effect when reaching your event location. Up to the professional coordination staff we take care of your wishes individually.

Send us your request today and trust our expertise and competence. Count on our over 30 headed team at office, organization and service staff.

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Personal logistics as an additional service

What does such a service mean for you as a customer? Basically, that as a customer you do not worry about the organization of passenger transport for a large number of guests. They give us the places and number of guests. The AGT sets a team in motion to provide you with a suitable concept. Such a concept includes the course of the event, limousine to biplane vehicles and full service. The AGT also trains the drivers.

With the personal logistics it is guaranteed that you and your guests arrive comfortably and relaxed at the destination. The number of people does not matter, our record so far is one in a day realized passenger transport, rounded up 16.500 people.

These are large company celebrations of large companies, where, for example, to celebrate an anniversary, all branches to a joint celebration. Rides of this kind are called Sternenfahrten. Every year, AGT Busvermietung & Touristik GmbH successfully manages around 15 events per year with its trained staff.

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Coordination on site with a dispatcher

You are planning big events and need coordination of buses, vans or limousines? We are happy to advise you, as AGT Busvermietung has been providing 90 experience for many years bus logistics and bus coordination.

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You need more information? Then we illustrate the bus coordination with an example. Customers book events at locations by the short availability in the apron. Buses for guests often the customer books last. This results in questions:

How can I coordinate the buses locally that all persons
comfortable and stress-free entry?
Where do the buses park?
How is the arrival and departure of the buses organized?

The above questions are important, otherwise an event will be unfortunate. This is noticeable in a traffic jam. The image below shows an exemplary coordination job. As you can see, this process with 400 people is not easy. Furthermore, it can be even more complicated when planning multiple departure locations and rides simultaneously. This happens quickly when guests stay at several hotels and arrive at several train stations.

Bus organization

For you as the organizer it is in comparison günstiger different shuttle buses to provide as with taxis. To a dispatcher controls the punctual departure times and arrival times. The dispatcher of the AGT is available to you around the clock and has an overview of the buses and passengers carried on site.

We are happy to take care of you, as this is part of our daily business. Book a co-ordination at AGT Busvermietung and concentrate on your guests and event.

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