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You are currently planning a bus trip and would like to get information about a bus rental? Then we will gladly assist you. We rent buses throughout Germany for individuals, companies, sports clubs or other associations for every occasion. You may even plan a bigger event and need more coaches?

We carry throughout Germany every year more than 530.000 people with rented buses.
Hamburg - Berlin - Munich - Cologne - Frankfurt - Duisburg - Leipzig - Dresden and more ...

As a bus rental company we are very flexible and can advise you on the journey. You will also receive your personal contact who will advise and act on you. With us the AGT Busvermietung & Touristik GmbH you can rent a bus that meets your travel needs and the whole thing at reasonable prices.

Bus hire prices Bus prices Rent a coach

Where are the prices for renting a bus?

In order to offer you the best value for money, we are geared to your budget and the journey you are planning. All you have to do is tell us the details of the trip as a bus request. Immediately we send you the bus offer consisting of Bus with driver, whereby the price is calculated individually. An individual price consists of various factors, such as: B. Travel time, number of persons and travel date. As you can see, the further or shorter the journey, the higher or lower the offer price. The same is also due to the number of people and also to any excess baggage. If you travel with hand luggage, they fit easily into the trunk. But if you travel with two suitcases per person, we can create solutions for you.

After a short time you find out that the prices for bus hire is complex to determine, because we want to offer you a cheap bus alternative and precise prices. AGT Busvermietung also offers a best-price guarantee for bus hire. How it works? If you have a competitive offer, with a cheaper price than ours, for the same service, we may adjust our bus offer.

You rent a bus for the first time?

With pleasure, the experienced bus experts of the AGT take the time to explain all the details of the journey. We can explain the first prices and costs to you according to individual wishes, eg a trip to Germany or abroad. Also, if you plan several stopovers or have other individual requests around the topic of bus hire. Call us at the free hotline.

In terms of Bus tour We fulfill almost every wish of our customers. You can rent buses throughout Germany and even across Europe and keep an eye on costs. Do not hesitate to contact us. Let us create an individual bus offer that fits perfectly with your ideas. Feel free to fill out our request form and let us know how we can optimally calculate your bus price.

Rent a bus at the AGT: Request now without obligation!

You have to rent a bus and do not know what the costs are for you and what are the prices for a day trip. Then get in contact with us and ask your bus driver at the AGT bus rental. The request form is simple, so you can see what data we need for a price calculation. A comment field for special requests is also available, if you want several stopovers, additional services, such as catering, luggage service or other wishes, such as a Parking Services of coaches for example at an event. We are flexible, so do not hesitate to contact us or ask us for a price.

If you have entered your journey in the inquiry form, you will be given the details of your personal data. This is data that is required to prepare an offer. Among them are also contact details, where we can contact you if necessary with questions or advise. After this step, the data will be clearly displayed again for review and displayed based on your number of people a sample image of the desired bus. In no time you will get for the bus rent the corresponding price and a cost statement. Then it is your turn to promise or adapt the bus service.

For which occasion you need a bus:

  1. school trips
  2. study trip
  3. Europe tours
  4. holiday travel
  5. school trips
  6. group travel
  1. Fair shuttle
  2. Event rides (event logistics for buses)
  3. business trips
  4. airport transfers
  5. City tours
  6. club trips

Various bus sizes in the program

Coach hireAll bus sizes and comfort classes are represented in our extensive bus fleet. Whether you are a long-distance coach, Business Vans, high quality 9-seater respectively Rent minibuses of all kinds want. We call for small prices for our services. We keep imposing Biplane buses with more than 80 seats ready for you. Do not miss out on this great opportunity if you are planning a trip that will stay in your memory for a long time to come.

If you have one Remote bus want to rent with all the trimmings or an exclusive minibus. Then you definitely can not ignore the individual offers of AGT. Try it and contact us today!

As a competent bus travel partner, we naturally support your travel project and work for you. high-quality Rent a bus and secure small prices with the expert - At AGT you are in good hands. If you have any questions, call our free hotline: 0800 / 22 43 487. Through our Back Office 24, we are available around the clock for hours before, during and after your trip and are always capable of action.

Seven good advantages for renting the bus

First, renting buses is cheap

Starting with a small number of travelers, it is worthwhile to rent a bus. The cost is less than traveling with multiple cars and the more people traveling, the cheaper it will be.

Second: Arrive relaxed

For the driver, a ride is exhausting because he always has to be concentrated. When traveling by bus, all guests are well-rested and fit at the finish.

Third, for the sake of the environment

In bus travel, only one engine uses fuel instead of many cars and that benefits the environment.

Fourth, good atmosphere

Bus rides are very hilarious from the atmosphere. There is a lot of laughter and singing, because nobody has to concentrate on the journey. You also have the opportunity to play board games.

Fifth, for safety

Bus drivers are professionals in your job and bring your passengers safely to their destination. They stay at rest and if necessary, the driver is changed.

Sixth: toilet and coffee without stop

For longer trips, someone is constantly on the toilet or would like to drink something. This makes the progress a challenge. When traveling by bus, on the other hand, you not only have the toilet with you, but usually also the most necessary meals.

Seventh: It may be drunk

When drunk, the driver goes out empty and must not participate in the common fun. Of course, this is the case for safety's sake. With rental buses, however, all travelers can drink, because the driver does not belong to the group and brings his passengers soberly and safely to their destination.

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    that the bus the surest and most trusted means of transport is on german roads?

    Environmentally friendly bus travelNot only in the field Comfort, but also in terms of climate protection and the environmental balance show up buses exemplary.


    How it works

    Did you know that we offer the following additional services for bus rental?

    • - Catering and packed lunches
    • - Beverage service with hostesses
    • - Individual city tours
    • - Chauffeur service and limousines
    • - luggage service and much more ...

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