State-of-the-art armored special protection vehicles

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Armored vehicles

Whether you are a member of the government, a businessman or a private individual, criminals do not discriminate. Public figures are constantly exposed to dangers. For this reason, we offer you a unique protection, in the form of modern armored vehicles, with and without personal protection. We have therefore decided, together with our corporate partner, the company SAT GmbH Security and Transport CorporationTo offer you a first class protection package. They are driven by state-of-the-art special protection vehicles, the Audi A8 Security VR7 / 9 / 9 brand. On request, you can hire armed and unarmed paramedics, together with escort vehicles. Our corporate partner is Europe-wide for 15 governments and delegations tätig.

The multilingual drivers are trained in personal safety driving and receive ongoing training. Due to the rapidly increasing demand of armored special protection vehicles, the department VIP-Mobile was founded.

Special protection vehicle interior Day trips bus Special protection vehicle interior

Advantages of special protection vehicles

The service of AGT and SAT is diverse and involves much more than a simple transfer. Especially in the field of special protection vehicles our customers benefit from the highest protection class due to the full armor of the saloon. In addition, the Audi A8 Security hardly differs from an Audi A8 production model from the outside. This property has the advantage, above all in road traffic, that you will not notice.

We offer you the perfect and absolutely safe limousine, which you will have no doubt about. The Audi A8 L Security convinces with all-round protection at the highest security level. The high level of protection of the VR7 / 9 / 9 resistance class (according to BRV 2009) with exclusive safety features and VR9 / 10 armor protection in hazardous areas gives you complete peace of mind in the limousine. A highlight of the Audi A8 Security is that it is equipped with the successful Audi Quattro 4 wheel drive system. Likewise, the vehicle has a height adjustment.

Special protection vehicle interior Day trips bus Day trips bus

Equipment of special protection vehicles

  • Protection class VR7 / 9 / 9
  • full equipment
  • Convoy driving
  • Car alarm
  • If necessary: ​​Handheld radio, for the driver to
    security staff
  • Emergency exits
  • Nightvision personal and weapon detection
    by thermal imaging
  • Safe in the trunk
  • Automatic fire extinguishing system for engine compartment
    and underbody
  • air equipment
  • Standard holder on both sides
  • Hands-free function
  • Road Sign recognition
  • Navigation and cruise control
  • Comfort seats including seat heating at the rear
  • Leather seats in different colors
  • 12V connection for laptop and mobile phones
  • Mini fridge in the rear center console
  • Armor plate glass VR7 / 9 certified
  • Certified safety equipment
  • Armored tank and battery room
  • Pax Notlaufräder
  • Integrated blue light, if required including signal generator
  • Ground and roof certified grating safe
  • Sidewalls secured against explosive charge
  • GPS tracking
  • TV
  • Medical breathing air injection system
  • Rental of bullet-proof vests
  • 360 ° camera system
  • flue
  • Wide door entry in the back, through long wheelbase
  • Each seat can be individually ventilated and illuminated
  • Electric roller blinds on both sides
  • Retirement seats for sleeping positions
  • Massage seats available in five positions
  • four-seater
  • Workplace foldout for laptop
  • Non smoking car

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The special protection vehicle can only be rented on a daily basis. The route is not relevant. If you need the armored vehicle for just twelve hours we will send a chauffeur, at 24 hours two chauffeurs will be provided.

The prices for renting the special protection vehicle are basically the same throughout Europe. Only the arrival and departure costs change. This price includes 250 km daily. Each additional kilometer costs 1,50 Euro plus VAT.

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