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Updated 18.05.2020

Dear customer,
Thank you for your order and the trust you have placed in us. In order to be able to guarantee you the best possible execution of your booked trip, please note that the services of AGT Busvermietung & Touristik GmbH are provided under the acceptance of the following transport agreement.

1. house Rules
The driver exercises the house right on behalf of the bus company during the entire journey. The instructions of the driving staff, especially in the case of safety-related questions, must be followed.

2. Security & Baggage
Unless expressly agreed to the contrary, smoking is prohibited on board all buses for fire protection reasons.
Food may be carried and consumed unless otherwise contractually agreed, the driving staff may consume alcoholic beverages
for the purpose of safeguarding driving safety, however, prohibit at your own discretion. Any rubbish is to be kept in the designated rubbish bins or bags.
All passengers are obliged to remain in their seats during the journey. This does not include visits to the on-board toilet and kitchen. In buses with seat belts, it is mandatory to wear seat belts.
As with airplanes, storage space is limited in buses. We ask that you do not use hard cases and recommend travel bags instead.

3. Damage & cleaning
The customer is liable for damage to the interior of the buses caused by himself or by members of his travel group.
Before starting the journey, any existing damage that is visible when boarding the bus must be reported to the driver in order to exclude unjustified attribution of damage to the customer.
If the driving staff recognizes a particular risk to the execution of the journey when starting the journey, e.g. due to the already existing alcoholism of the passengers, a security deposit to be deposited in cash and against receipt can be requested from the customer. In particularly serious cases, a journey can be canceled or broken off.
If the customer or a guest who is part of the group accidentally or deliberately soils the bus / the equipment beyond the usual conditions, we allow ourselves to charge cleaning costs on site or after the trip. The amount of the costs is calculated depending on the cleaning effort and the extent of the contamination, taking into account the consequences (e.g. failure for follow-up orders, loss of quality due to odor formation, etc.).

4. Rest and driving time regulation for drivers
We would like to point out that the bus driver has a travel time of 9-10 hours and a total shift time of 12-15 hours, which must not be exceeded. The following rest period is 9-11 hours. If two bus drivers are deployed, the total shift time is 20 hours. The legal requirements are of higher priority than the contract agreed between the customer and the service provider. Please note the need for a written agreement of an extended shift or a second driver if the above-mentioned deployment time is not sufficient.

5. Termination of service provision
In the event of a violation of the conditions of carriage and safety regulations listed in this carriage agreement, the driver can terminate the service after issuing a warning to no avail. In the event that the contract is terminated by third parties, the customer is not entitled to compensation.

6. Behavior in case of power failure
The provision of services under normal circumstances is guaranteed, but may be jeopardized by force majeure and other external influences over which the bus company cannot influence.
In the event of a defect, the customer may only remedy a defect himself or, in the event of a significant defect, cancel the trip if he gives the organizer a reasonable period of time to remedy the situation. The establishment of contact is guaranteed by the 24 hours a day reachable emergency hotline. A deadline is not required if remedial action is impossible or refused by the organizer or immediate remedy or termination is required due to a particularly serious interest of the customer. In this case, the customer undertakes to always choose the cheapest type of remedy. In this case, too, the bus company (AGT) should be consulted in advance. The deployed drivers are generally not authorized to issue instructions in the event of a performance failure.

7. Booking of additional services
Additional services not contractually booked, such as extra hours, extra kilometers, consumption of drinks and snacks, are to be paid for to the driver in return for a receipt, unless otherwise agreed in the transport contract (payment in retrospect). The same applies to the provision of parking and toll fees.

8. Legal provisions
All buses used by the bus company have the necessary licenses for occasional or scheduled services. The driving staff is legally obliged to adhere to the rest and driving times. These provide for maximum travel and shift times, to which the customer's travel program must be subordinate for safety reasons.

Emergency hotline available 24 hours a day: 0177/81 15 780

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