The history of AGT bus rental

Tradition has been our business for almost 90 years.

In the year 2004 AGT Busvermietung & Touristik GmbH was founded, but our tradition in coach tourism is much further back and we want to share this story with you.

Bruno Thies

André Schlatermund, founder of AGT, is already the third generation in the family-run bus tourism industry. His grandfather Bruno Thies already opened the first successful bus company in Wilhelmsburg near Hamburg in the year 1929. He quickly had 30 buses in the yard and became one of the largest employers in Wilhelmsburg. The turmoil of the 2. World War I survived, like many other companies at the time, with big problems. In the post-war period, Bruno Thies bus company quickly became one of the largest in Wilhelmsburg. Legendary were his buses with trailer for passengers or his "Silver Arrow". Butter trips, long-distance trips to Italy, school trips or skiing in the Harz, the range of Bruno Thies was great. Impressed by the multitude of offers of his grandfather, Andre Schlatermund sought ways to inspire young people in the bus tourism.

The short trip

The idea of ​​the short trip was born. Short trips were trips to metropolises without overnight accommodation - one traveled overnight in the buses and looked at the city during the day, in the evening one went back to the journey ... and all this at an unbeatable low price. Rainbow Tours was the name of the new product and subsequently became the largest provider of youth travel in Germany. At the time, the product range also included the summer camp, round trips, city trips, ski winter holidays, long-distance travel to all continents and entertainment trips.

Waltraut Schlatermund-Thies

In the early days of Rainbow Tours died André Schlatermund's grandfather (1982), so Bruno's daughter, Mrs. Waltraut Schlatermund-Thies took over the business of Bruno Thies. The skilled and talented tourist expert was the source of inspiration for the family business. In co-operation with their son both successfully led the company group until the year 2003.

Birth of AGT bus rental

In 2004 AGT Busvermietung & Touristik GmbH was founded. A new success story was born, in the tradition of the Schlatermund and Thies family. Ms. Heike Januzi-Schlatermund was appointed managing partner in May 2016. The fourth generation is currently facing its responsibility.

Andre Schlatermund On the 7. March 2017 died our beloved CEO Mr. André Schlatermund. He lives now in our hearts.

The most important years at a glance

1929 - Bruno Thies founded the largest bus tourism company in Northern Germany. He and his families were at the time the largest employers in Hamburg Wilhelmsburg.

1982 - His daughter Waltraut successfully led the company group to Bruno Thies until a few years ago. His son Hilmar Thies works until today at the AGT bus rental. The family founded an entire group of companies over the years, including Rainbow Tours, founded by Andre Schlatermund.

2003 - Sale of Rainbow Tours to former business partners.

2004 - Foundation of AGT Busvermietung & Touristik GmbH by André Schlatermund.

2016 - His daughter Heike Januzi-Schlatermund takes over the management and has continued the tradition ever since.

We and you benefit from almost 90 years of business experience and experience in dealing with customers.

Our vision, mission and values


The vision The AGT bus rental was formulated by the management together with employees. The goal for the future is: "We will be Europe's leading bus charter agency and front-runner in occasional services. Our motivation is - every day anew to master challenges and not only to meet the individual wishes of the customer, but to surpass them. "


The mission In everyday office life for us: "We bring our customers to any destination. Respond to all wishes and needs of the customer. We stand for safety, professional advice and flexibility. "

The Customer and the Satisfaction are therefore the focus of every employee. The advice before every ride is one of our key competences. Our founder told each employee at AGT daily phrases like: "The customer is a living part of our business! We do not do him a favor by consulting and serving him, but he does us a favor if he gives us the opportunity of a business gives." This is precisely what has built up the special customer loyalty and the proximity to the customer, which is lived today to our highest bid.

Likewise the Flexibility which reads: "No matter where, no matter how, no matter when, the AGT will fulfill your wish!" This is noticeable in bus logistics, since every order is individual. Safety stands for us all over. Professional and security regulations are the top priority. Vehicles of the partner companies convince with the highest safety standards and quality.

Foundation of the AGT

Under the mission, two pillars of AGT build up. On the one hand the Partnerships and on the other the Progress, This is to emphasize again that the two pillars form the foundation of the AGT. Without the values, neither a mission nor vision or future would be possible.


It is the partnerships that are cultivated. First with customers (customer satisfaction, customer loyalty), the service providers (network of 900 bus partners) and employees (experience, team spirit).


The second pillar is that of progress, which is brought together under the terms of family business growth and efficient economics. Furthermore, the sustainability (economic, ecological, social) and the innovations, which is supported by openness to employee ideas, according to the motto, through experience, we learn and improve our processes. The reason for this is not the will to make the daily processes more efficient, but the dynamic market of the bus industry.

Vision, mission, values

About AGT Busvermietung & Touristik GmbH

Bus travel since 1981- over 30 years back is the founding of Rainbow Tours, a pioneer in the field Summer and city trips by our managing director André Schlatermund, whose parents had previously made the bus company "Thies Reisen" big. To this day, the Rainbow Tours brand and the name Schlatermund are well-known names in German bus tourism.

Since the year 2004 is the AGT bus rental Your Top servicewhen it comes to bus travel and passenger transport of any kind. Experience and knowledge four generations in tourism, specializing in bus travel throughout Europe, today gathers in our company.

We give this knowledge to our professional Teams We continue to train you to guarantee you the best service at the best price - that is our promise to you.

We do not rest on our success ...but work day by day on new ideas around your Bus ride and event: Care and handling on the phone and on site, detailed planning of the Bus tour or corporate events, Communication with the drivers and the brokering of buses in all sizes and colors - across Germany with 1000 under contract bus partners.

In addition, we do not just limit our services to bus rental: Guides and hostesses for sightseeing tours and best service on the bus, event staff, catering and individual travel arrangements and much more you can place in our hands with confidence!

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