FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Quotation and booking process

Yes! Even if you have booked the bus at short notice or have received a short-term offer, we will not let you down. Just contact us and we will find an alternative for you.

All the data you provide is helpful and a first step towards perfect planning. So give us as much data as possible! Or you have the option to talk with one of the experienced consultants about the trip by phone and go through all the details. In order to set an exact price, we mainly need the following data: number of passengers, place of departure, destination, date and time of outward journey and return journey. For events, the program on site, volume of luggage and possibly the type of event.

The price depends on many factors. For that reason we do not work with price lists, we set the price for each trip individually. The size of the bus, the distance covered, the region, but also the driving time of the driver, the date of the trip and the availability, are all criteria that must be considered when determining the price. Our experts take these factors into account and send you an individual offer within 24 hours - urgent inquiries will be processed as quickly as possible.

Thanks to our network of business partners in Germany and Europe, buses can be used practically everywhere. We provide a bus in your area, without an extra journey. In addition, you have no work, because we take over for you, and can take advantage of small prices!

We offer buses in different sizes depending on the number of people, from 8 to 89 seats. In addition, we also drive individuals in limousines of your choice and vans, etc., for example, to events or as an airport shuttle. Take a look at our "bus fleet" on the website and find your desired bus or just call our free hotline: 0800 / 22 43 487.

Unfortunately, it is not possible - only own drivers and chauffeurs can be used. For insurance reasons, it is not possible to rent a bus without a driver.

Questions about the bus driver

A driver can basically, with breaks, drive 9 hours. His shift time may be max. Do not exceed 12-14 hours and the rest time must be min. 11 hours. The driver card is located in the bus and records the times, therefore these control times must be adhered to. If the shift time of a driver is exceeded, for example over long distances, an additional driver can always be used. Are the times too complex for you? Do not worry, we'll let you know if you need a second driver. Our experts are happy to explain all the details. You can find more information about this topic HERE.

When you plan a route that exceeds a driver's driving and rest times. Must be used according to the law, a second driver. An example for the use of two drivers: A day trip with outward journey to 6: 00 clock from Dortmund to Stuttgart (about 420 km) and return to 20 clock from Stuttgart to Dortmund.

bus ride

When you travel with children, safety is the top priority! All seats are equipped with a safety belt and can be equipped with a child seat on request. Our drivers are obliged to observe the traffic safety rules and to participate in the regular driving safety training. The drivers receive special training, especially in the winter time, so that you are carefree in any weather conditions. In addition, the vehicles are checked carefully.

Of course, this is by no means the rule and an absolute exception. Therefore each bus is checked by neutral control institutions and complies with the current technical standards. Nevertheless, we are prepared if the bus should fail and thanks to the network of many contract partners, can quickly provide a replacement. We take it for granted to be able to help you immediately in an emergency, 24 hours for you to reach.