Rent a bus for factory trips

Benefit from individual travel times

Whether early shift, night shift, training, seminars, factory tours or company parties, there are many occasions when you should treat yourself, your employees and your customers to an intelligent and individual transport solution.

Today, not only the classic factory traffic is in vogue, but more and more companies rely on individually tailored to their company plant trips, which relieve both employees and customers when approaching.

Security and punctuality without ifs and buts

Surely you know it, that employees appear stressed at work, because even the journey costs energy and energy in the morning rush hour. Public transport is often not an alternative for many employees, since they often do not drive at early shift or the connections are correspondingly bad.

With the AGT bus rental you can work trips to counteract this problem. This allows you to create an individual route especially for your employees. Often the ability to change from a private vehicle to a commuter bus at a commuter car park is optimal for employees to recover from work and rest. This also relieves the traffic situation and the parking lot situation around your company.

With appropriate factory trips, you can ensure that your employees appear punctual and motivated in the workplace and a good start to the day often increases the productivity in the companies.

Factory traffic for more flexibility in your production facilities

Especially in larger companies with several locations, factory trips are also a good way of compensating for staff shortages at one location and thus optimally deploy existing staff. With a bus rental, you can set up a corresponding factory traffic always individually as needed.

This has the advantage that your employees are also more willing to change their place of work at times because they are not faced with the problem of a longer journey at their own expense.

For you, a factory tour through a bus rental company means that you can optimally allocate your staff at all times, regardless of whether the respective employee has his or her own vehicle at hand to reach the temporary place of work.

Treat your customers to a pleasant journey

When using a bus rental to create an individual factory traffic, you have no limits and so you can always schedule or cancel individual trips. For this reason, it is always worth considering to offer customers the opportunity to use the factory traffic for the journey.

Here you can respond individually to the needs of your customers and arrange appointments and boarding options with the bus rental. So not only does the journey to the company premises, but also the search for a parking space and possibly a longer walk to the company building not apply to your customers.

In addition, you can also enable your customers to visit several production plants with little effort and to offer them specific plant tours. By using a bus rental company for works trips, you always leave a good impression with your customers.

Bus rental also available for excursions and company parties

Of course you can also use buses for special events such as Christmas parties, customer events or trainings in addition to the daily traffic. In addition, company outings are another opportunity in which your bus rental company will assist you and develop the optimal solution for your investment.

Even in these cases, you do something good for your employees with a suitable shuttle service, because even at events, employees and customers enjoy being offered a relaxed arrival or departure. For all your concerns, there are suitable solutions that make life easier for you and your employees.

Working together, you can benefit from the experience of the bus company and tailor-made solutions for your business, so you can ultimately build your very own regular service and respond to changes in demand quickly and easily. Personal support ultimately ensures solutions that are gladly accepted by the employees and ultimately benefit your company.

We look forward to assisting your company and customers in the planning of your plant tour soon. The team is looking forward to seeing you under the free hotline: 0800 22 43 487.

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For several years now, we have been working with several large companies that individually direct the arrival of employees to your production. Individual journeys are used at short notice as a shuttle or return journey to make it easier for employees to get there. Individual solutions, adapted to your wishes, are of course always possible.

Of course that is possible. You will receive an assigned contact person at AGT, who will manage the project and coordinate the entire staff, whether driver or dispatcher on site, for you.

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